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See the Future, is a downloadable add on pack for Fable II. Costing 560 microsoft points. In the pack Mystic Mungo returns to Bowerstone and has four magicial items for the hero. The first a cursed snowglobe transports the hero to Oakvale, home to the hero from the first fable game. The second item, a cursed skull, transports the hero to a grave yard, and the third is a replic of the tattered spire, which gives the hero a glimpse of the future. The fourth item, a replica of a colosseum, a battle arena where only the greatest hero's can triumph!

It also is available as a "Free Edition", that can be used to play a Co-Op game with a partner who has the Premium Edition, if the person playing with the partner does not have the Premium Edition themself.

See: See the Future

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