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Deleting a QuestionEdit

To mark a question for deletion, either Answer this question or edit the existing answer, and type {{Delete|<your reason here>}} in the answer box.

Tagging a QuestionEdit

To tag a question, click the Tag this question button at the bottom of the page. Every question should be tagged with the game the question is referring to.
Tags must be added separately; Fable III and Weapons are two different tags, so must be added as such.

Reporting VandalismEdit

To report vandalism, find the offending user's talk page, which is accessible from the page history of the question that was vandalized. Page history can be reached from the drop-down menu next to the edit/Rephrase question button. Click on the Leave message/Leave an answer button on the talk page, and type {{Vandalism}} ~~~~ in the edit box that appears. The user will be given a warning and reported. All reports of vandalism will be reviewed.

Marking SpoilersEdit

Sometimes answers may contain story spoilers. To mark a spoiler, type {{Spoiler}} at the start of it and {{Spoiler End}} afterwards, like so:
At the end of Fable III, you will .....
{{Spoiler End}}

Additional HelpEdit