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It is concidered and approved in my own opinion that the character "Lady Elise" is by far, the most attractive character you can date/marry in Fable III. There is many reasons for this, for one, she is the only eligible female that has the greatest depth in the story-line. She has many more lines than average folk, she makes an impact from the beginning to the end of the game as well as having 3 quests in which the hero can engage in.

She has a background with the hero, which is slowly revealed by her when you marry her. Other bonuses included are, giving you a self-portrait of herself to you for your house and working in the kitchen when you live in the castle.

She is the only character that has large, long luxious hair which does not "bounce" and "sway" like other characters hair. As many characters have tied up or short hair. And to be honest:

Who could deny a gorgeous face with beautiful hair like that?

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