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1. Brightwall Village

  Go there with your OWN kid.
  Note: You need the Lover and family expression packs from the Road to

2. Mistpeak Valley

  You need to kiss another hero in front of it.
  Note: You must have a cooperative second player with you through the
  online game.

3. Mourningwood

  Max out either melee or ranged weapon.
  Note: Purchase Level 5 on Road to Rule.

4. Aurora

  Either be completely good or evil.
  Note: Rubble blocks the way and you can only acces after the Revolution.

5. Sunset House

  You need to be King/Queen.
  Note: First you have to unlock it by entering it from Mourningwood.

6. Millfields

  You need to be fat and ugly.
  Note: Just eat alot of meat, wear a pyjama and dye every part of it in 
  a different color.