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One way is to find whores in Bowerstone Old Quarter, the Mercenary Camp (If you spared Saker's life), or at the Whorehouse in Bowerstone Industrial (If you,as king, decided to build it) and as long as they don't love you, they will offer a "Sex Invite" as a Right Button option. Another more moral way is with a co-op partner who can make friends (or lovers) of the "flirty" or "promiscuous" NPCs and ellicit a Sex Invite, provided they are of the appropriate gender for the NPC. You may need to talk to them several times and/or wait for the offer, but then nothing is easy. A third way to have group sex, in Fable III, is to lead someone to a bed (either your spouse or a villager, who is at least a friend, with the flirty personality trait) then press A when standing by the bed as if initiating sex, then press B to cancel. Bring further people to the bed and repeat, when you finally do press A to continue sex, all the people you led to the bed will be involved (this method means you don't need whores or a co-op partner and makes life generally easier).

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