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In Fable 2, the demon door that contains the Perforator is surrounded by statues. These are the Knights Abberant.

The Knights Abberant is a partial parody of China's Terra Cotta army (hence the name of the dead boy, Terry Cotter) The rough story is that, for whatever reason, Terry Cotter lives inside a Demon Door. In his backyard is a gate that has always been locked. The gate leads to a cave which he has never ventured into. Now, one day, Terry's mom was missing, and while looking for her, he found the gate unlocked. He entered, going into the cave and finding hundreds, maybe thousands of armor suits, standing there, watching him. He did not find his mother, so he returned home. The next day, the Knights were standing at the end of the gate, moved magically in the night. The day after that, they had progressed into Terry's house, and the boy had gone mad for whatever reason, letting them surround him and stare at him while he slept. Finally, Terry didn't get up. The hero finds his skeleton, and the Perforator in the cave where the whole incident started. The Knights Abberant do not move during your stay there, remaining perfectly still.

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