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The Daichi is generally regarded as the best Melee Weapon in Fable 2 and the Red Dragon is generally regarded as the best Ranged Weapon. However, It all depends on what your looking for. the Red Dragon has the fastest rate of fire by far. The Enforcer has the highest base damage by far. In my personal opinion i would have to say The Rammer is the best legendary ranged weapon. it has a good rate of fire, good base damage, and it also has a Ghoul augment that heals you with every shot. If you have the Knothole Island DLC it is possible to create your own weapons even stronger then the ones listed. My favorite is a four slotted Master Flintlock Pistol with Luck and Life (damage and healing) Luck and Skill (damage, damage, either Flame's Gift, or Positively Charged (elemental, extra damage) and another of your choice. With this setup i have killed a Queen Banshee with one shot to the head. a pistol for speed, with damage like a rifle. It's all about personal preference.