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Well, Being the Hero of Skill, I can only imagine him having to do with something in that area. Specifically though, its hard to say. Maybe He'll be some kind of tutor in skill, or perhaps be a guide through an area he has a lot of knowledge in. One things for sure though. He'll be just as aggravating and pompous as he was in his Bloodstone Mansion. "Do you really think my buttocks look like that? *chuckle* ........ Gunshot. I hope he plays some role that allows me to kill him, I REALLY wanted to in Fable 2 so much so that I was even more happy (and angry) when he tried to betray me to Lucien. I had hoped that that meant he was not truly the hero of skill but just an annoying jerk who I could kill... unfortunately we all know he was not. I hope he embraces the evil inside him and becomes a pompous and arrogant villain that I can gratifyingly kill. And I hope its more satisfying then killing Lucien which was no fun at all since I just shined a music box at him then whacked him of the edge. Man I sound violent...

Actually Reaver is the head of Reaver industries and asks that an entire area of Albion be made into factories when your gathering followers, as king you can choose whether or not to fulfill your obligation or refuse... Although I doubt killing him is an option as he is immortal.

He's not necessarily immortal. He keeps his youth by sacrificing other peoples youth, So its reasonable he can be killed. And yes, he is head of Reaver inc. Personally I think Reaver is in some sort of deal with your brother Logan. As seen in the opening cinematic the flags bear the letters "L" and "R" which i think stand for Logan and Reaver. My best guess is you take down him and Reaver inc. at some point in the game, or set up a similar deal just like Logan did.

I hear that the L and the R on the flags stand for Logan Rex which apparently means King Logan or something like that.

I assume it does indeed mean Logan Rex. It's Latin, just like GR stood for Georgious Rex and ER stands for Elizabeth Regina.