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Sorry - that's not a question we can answer!

There are some questions that just can't be answered, but they still get asked a lot on Fable Answers.

These questions can't be answered because they are either specific just to the asker (and so how would WE know the answer?), cannot be answered if the answer relies on opinions (such as "what is the best weapon?" or "who is the best person to marry?" or "what should I do in (x) quest"), or the questions don't actually make much sense (due to being worded poorly or not being asked as an actual question).

Sometimes the problem is that your question lacked enough detail for it to be understood. A question like "Battle of the Bloody Harvest?" doesn't make much sense, whereas "How do I start the quest Battle of the Bloody Harvest?" is easy to understand. Also simply stating something (eg. "Hero") is not the same as asking a question.

On some occasions the question asked is to do with the lore of the game of which we can only answer (to the best of our ability) with the information provided in-game and other reliable sources from Lionhead Studios. We are not Lionhead Studios or any other members of the designers which produce the Fable series of games and so we cannot answers most questions such as "Why did [Insert name here] do...?" or "Why can't I [insert action here]?". The answer is we simply can't say because we don't make Fable - we are a team of voluntary editors who want to help you with your journey through Albion.

If your question was redirected here, thanks for testing out Fable Answers! We hope you'll now ask some questions that can be collaboratively answered on a wiki, or perhaps try to answer one of the 17,490 questions we have here already.

Unfortunately these sorts of questions are not likely to be helpful to other people who are searching for information. As a result we just redirect the page here to help you (and anyone else reading your question) understand why your question won't be kept. (It also prevents the same questions being asked over and over again.)

If you try to add a new question containing bad words, illegal activity, adult or pornographic content; it may also be redirected here automatically.

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